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10 Things Not to Do when buying a home!

Here are 10 things, you should  Not Do when buying a home! If you do than chances are the deal will go South

1.Do not change jobs,Do not become self-employed and Don’t quit your job!

2.Don’t go out shopping- Especially Don’t buy a car, a truck or van, furniture, new tv or fridge, etc…- wait until you get the home first.

3. Do not use your credit cards excessively and don’t let current accounts fall behind!

4.Do not Omit any debts or liabilities you might have, on your Loan application, you don’t want any surprises toward the end with the underwirters!

5.Don’t spend the money you put aside for closing!

6. Do not make any new inquiries on your credit!

7. Do not make any large deposits in your account without first checking with your lender,to make sure its okay.

8.Don’t change bank accounts!

9.Do Not  Co-sign for ANYONE!

10. Don’t get too Emotional, and the buying process will be less stressful! 🙂

If you really want that new house, wait until you are recorded, then go out shopping,and celebrating!

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