Luxury Condo Living: Things You Need to Consider

Author: Karl Kennedy


Younger professionals on their way up and older adults who want to be close to the action are moving into downtown locations. This means there is now a spike in the popularity of luxury downtown condos. If you are in one of these two groups, don’t settle for the first place that seems to be “okay”. Look for the luxury condo that includes some of these important features.


State-of-the-Art Security

Forget panic rooms and burglar alarms, that is so much yesterday when it comes to security. Today, solid security has gone high-tech. While it is still important to have staffed gatehouses and lobbies, gated parking, and alarm systems, look for additional security options. Expect to have 24-hour video surveillance in common areas, well-lit parking garages or lots, and exterior doors that automatically lock behind you.



Of course, you would expect to have a swimming pool, spa, and a fitness center. But to be exceptional maybe these should be located on a rooftop. Look for full-service concierge service. An area dedicated to pets is another appreciated amenity, along with a game room and a space for outdoor activities like tennis or bocce ball courts.



One or two bedrooms just won’t cut it. Three is better, but four is better still. Unless you are considering a loft condo, extra space is important if you should ever decide to sell. In most markets a smaller condo (less square footage) with additional bedrooms is more popular that a larger condo with only one or two. And you can always turn that extra bedroom into a home office or den.


Outdoor Living Space

Maybe this space is your own private roof access or it could be an overly large balcony. This outdoor space should have plenty of room for comfortable seating, casual dining, or an outdoor laser projector and screen to watch special events, movies, or sports with family or friends.


Unit Location

Not so much the physical address of the property, although that is important, but where it is located within the building or complex. Different floors also have different values. The fewer the shared walls the better, so end units will always have a greater appeal and less “neighbor noise”. And your “view” should not be into the living room of the condo across the way.


Guaranteed Parking

It’s not enough to have a large parking garage or lot, there needs to be parking reserved for you only, preferably more than one space, and close to your condo. If the parking spaces are outdoors, they should covered spaces. The hot sun (or hard rainstorms) beating down on your vehicle can take a toll. And it’s no fun parking way over there and living way over here.


In-Unit Amenities

Your luxury condo needs lots of closets and additional storage space. Laundry rooms are a must, as well as lots of natural sunlight. The condo should have a well-equipped kitchen with a pantry and no laminate, countertops or flooring. Extra-wide doors and short hallways that don’t eat up a lot of the condo’s square footage are desirable also.


Realtor or No Realtor

When you are interested in luxury condo living and are seriously considering a purchase, you need a realtor with experience in finding the best the market has to offer. Don’t go it alone or depend upon the advice of the condo development’s sales force to determine what is best for you. Discuss your priorities with a local expert first, then, let the hunt begin!



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